About us

Ausray International is an Australian based company with several years of experience in a range of property development in both China and Sydney. Ausray specialises in quality residential, retail and commercial mixed-use developments. Our business is built on people and backed by international relationships.

Design orientated and positioned for growth, we are committed to enhancing quality of life whilst being eco-friendly and environmentally responsible. Out philosophy is backed by qualifications, experience and a track record of achievements.

Our people

Our people are our most important assets. We have a unique culture based on our teams strength and values. We call it the “Grow Our Own” Philosophy. Creative, friendly, communicative, professional, trustworthy and responsible; we believe our corporate value is the best combination of Pride, Passion and People. This is our PPP strategy.

Our Aims

  • Provide high quality building products
  • Developing smart and eco friendly buildings
  • We are not just providing our client a “box”, we are creating liveable masterpieces

Our Belief

  • We believe that relationships are the foundation of our business. We grow when our relationships grow.
  • We believe our strong focus on relationship building, both internal and external, is what has allowed successful, sustainable growth.
  • We believe good relationships create repeat business.


  • We heavily focus on building an environmental product to help protect ongoing environmental sustainability.
  • By doing this, we also focus on how to reduce our clients ongoing expenses. Buying or leasing a property from us is just the beginning.
  • Maintaining good relationships, no matter who they are and what they do. We believe everyone is helping us build a bridge to success and the more people we have, the wider the bridge and the sooner we can reach our goals.
  • We are focused on letting our people, our clients, our partners be successful, our success is based on their support and growth.

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